Being in the healthcare industry, sometimes we get a little too hung up on the numbers in our marketing. By numbers we mean success rates, numbers of continuing education credits offered and so on. Basically, it means anything that is quantifiably positive that we can slap a gold seal on and plaster on a brochure. We tout these numbers proudly in our marketing efforts, but how effective are they, really? How much connection do we really get out of screaming, “We have a 99.99999999% success rate!” at the top of our lungs?

The point is, numbers don’t build bridges or make lasting connections. You know what does? Evocative storytelling and emotions. Think about how diamonds are sold. They don’t sell you on the intricacies of the mining process; they don’t pull at your heartstrings by discussing the latest and greatest in drill tips, and they most certainly don’t bring tears to your eyes with ratios of earth to diamonds. They get you with powerful images of love and what that diamond can represent to each individual. You don’t sell a diamond by pitching the mine and the drilling. You pitch the experience of having, gifting and wearing a diamond.

In the world of behavioral healthcare conferences, it’s the same. Sure, we want you to get all the CE or CME credits that your heart desires. We want you to learn the freshest techniques in treating addiction and mental health issues. We want to give you unmatched networking experiences, but more importantly, we want to give you a life-changing and enriching experience.

At the core, you got into this business because you wanted to help people and change lives, and that’s our connection point, our story. We want to help you help others and empower your work and your passion. The gems unearthed by real recovery and real relationships are worth far more than you could fit on a price tag.

We just want to remind you that we know you’re doing what matters. And we’re proud to support your efforts!


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