There sat Kyle as a teenager. He was athletic, good-looking and fun to be around. He also made very poor grades, got into trouble and was unreliable. It sounds like the beginning of a story of disappointment and frustration that most people roll their eyes at. The reason it’s frustrating is that we all probably

After a warm introduction, the pastor stepped to the stage. He was overcome with emotion because he knew this was his last time addressing our congregation. It had been several years since he first started pastoring at our church and was on his way to another state to start his own church. Before he started

Less than one week removed from being part of a team that hosted a hugely successful new event, Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare, my focus is right where most people would expect it to be… the injustice of Major League Baseball’s All Star voting system! While that may sound a bit sarcastic, this is a very

After a brief layover, I boarded my flight for my final destination. I was flying an airline that assigns your seat beforehand. They had announced multiple times before the flight that every seat was sold and that luggage space for carry-on items was limited. As I approached my assigned aisle seat, I noticed that the

It’s NBA Finals time, in case you didn’t know. I’m a huge sports fan, and even though my team—the Memphis Grizzlies—has been eliminated, I’m still fully engaged. One of the fascinating things about the NBA and sports is how much strategy and planning is involved. The end goal is always to win, but the way

The Belmont University Jack C. Massey College of Business is partnering with Foundations Recovery Network, the leader in behavioral healthcare events, to create a track of learning that will become a part of the organization’s ongoing conference offerings across the country. Lee Pepper, Foundations Recovery Network’s chief marketing officer, said, “Foundations Recovery Network is always

Jane McGonigal, author of the New York Times best selling book “Reality Is Broken,” discusses the potential role of video games in treating addiction at Innovations in Recovery 2015. MORE ABOUT JANE MCGONIGAL: Jane McGonigal, PhD is a world-renowned designer of alternate reality games — or, games that are designed to improve real lives and

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