All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I’ve realized that proverb is very true over the past few years. Sometimes people make time for everything in life other than fun or extracurricular activities. Not having a good mix of work and non-work time can be detrimental to anyone. At this time of year, I’m always feeling the pull of a huge event I’m part of hosting and one of my favorite personal hobbies on earth: FANTASY FOOTBALL!

Fantasy football is no longer a game that only the most intense experts or fans of football play. You will find casual sports fans engulfed in their fantasy football teams and leagues as a way to add even more excitement to an already spectacular sport. What is the lure of fantasy football? This game provides individuals a reason to root for players and teams they normally wouldn’t. While most football fans have a team or two they actively root for, the number of players, mostly from different teams, gets fantasy team owners to cheer on many more teams and players. One of the greatest things about the game is how it can bring people together out of love for a single player on their teams, dislike for an opposing player they are facing, then completely change things up the next week. Seemingly irrelevant plays can be the difference in a win or loss and make or break a team’s season.

These are the types of plays the average fan may forget about within a couple of hours, but fantasy team owners never forget. I will never forget one infamous play by Brian Westbrook in 2007 on the final game of the week that cost me a trip to my fantasy championship. While fantasy football may be one of my favorite ways to have fun, you can keep a work-life balance in a lot of other ways.

Now to You…
What are some things you do to keep your work-life balance? Do you play fantasy football? If so, what is the most exciting aspect of the game to you?

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