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The Benefits of Attending

All the awesome reasons why you should attend our events.


Our conferences bring together the best and brightest from all over the country, and you’ll get a chance to meet experts and other professionals who can help you and your practice thrive. Working together, we can serve more people who need our help the most!

CE credits

Acquire and keep up your licensure by obtaining the CE credits that we offer for the majority of our keynotes and workshops. Your ongoing education is important to us!

Learning from the experts

Our speaker selection reflects our commitment to your education and behavioral health innovation. You’ll learn from a variety of well-known, seasoned experts who can give you the knowledge you need to work smarter and serve your patients well. Our industry is always changing, and new challenges are continually on the horizon. Our esteemed speakers will help you navigate the obstacles that you and your patients face regularly in our fast-paced world.

Unique experiences

We host our conferences at unique, beautiful locations that offer a vacation-like experience. The resorts for our spring and fall conferences are top tier, with first rate dining and accommodations—not to mention the beachside setting! And our Nashville conference puts you in the middle of the thriving downtown scene of Music City. We plan activities so that you have a superior experience with us, and your downtime can be just as exceptional.

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The Benefits of Exhibiting

The exhibit hall: where connections are made and business grows.

Brand exposure

Exhibiting gives you an opportunity to expand your reach and showcase your unique services to peers, referral sources and consumers. By having a booth and being able to interact directly with hundreds of treatment professionals, you are gaining valuable exposure for your organization.


Our conferences attract professionals from around the country as well as other quality organizations that you can collaborate and interact with. You will meet all kinds of professionals and be able to increase your network of contacts.


Foundations conferences only focus on the best and most relevant aspects of behavioral health innovation, and your presence at our events allows you to participate in those conversations and express your company’s dedication to the forward motion of our industry.

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The Benefits of Sponsoring

Get the best brand positioning in front of hundreds of attendees.

High Brand Exposure

When you sponsor a speaker, a break, a reception or another element of our conferences, you receive high brand exposure in an environment that brings together the top professionals and organizations in our industry. You have a chance to make a positive impression on your peers, referral sources and consumers that goes beyond an exhibitor level.

High Relevance: Leading the Conversation in Behavioral Health

When you sponsor speakers, you’re leading the ongoing conversations that are moving behavioral health forward. You’re contributing to the overall expansion and progression of our industry through the expertise offered by our presenters. Not only is this an investment in your organization’s ability to adapt and maintain relevance with other professionals, but it is a contribution to the education that will help us help more people in need.

Become a sponsor, host or exhibitor with Foundations Events and reach a huge audience within the behavioral healthcare industry.

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