Attendee Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the attendee experience.

What professions are approved to receive continuing education (CEs)? Which boards approve your conferences for CEs?

We’ve got all of that written down in detail on our CE page under each conference.

How do I know if a session is approved for CEs?

All sessions are approved unless noted. Typically we know about a month in advance which sessions are approved, but all information will be available on-site.

How do I get my certificate for CEs after the conference?

Instructions will be on site and in your conference guidebook. Also, you can always go here for a certificate for any past FRN conference.

Does my registration allow me to access all conference areas and events? What does my registration include?

Your registration will give you access to all speaker sessions, events and the exhibit hall, but you need to be wearing your badge at all times. We have breakfast every morning and snacks at every break in the exhibit hall. Lunch is on your own unless you have pre-registered for a ticketed lunch session that includes a speaker presentation and a catered meal. Prices for these ticketed lunches will vary per conference.

What do I need to know about booking my hotel room? (Do I book my own hotel room? Is there a contracted rate?)

All attendees can call the hotel directly or use the online link (located on the Hotel Info page for each conference) to receive a discounted rate for our conference. We always sell out early, so if our conference room block is sold out, you can request to be put on the waiting list. We recommend this since there may be last-minute cancellations

Speaker Questions

Curious about what to when you're a speaker? Check out the FAQ below.

What should I do if I want to present at a Foundations conference?

You can fill out a speaker form on each conference page.

What is the process for speaker selection?

Speakers are selected based on their background, expertise and how their topic presentation fits into our conference objectives.

What happens after I submit my application?

Our speaker selection committee will review your qualifications and presentation and notify you about the status of your proposal once it’s reviewed.

How do I pick a topic for the conference?

Conference objectives, themes and an example of sought after topics are posted on each conference registration page under the “Call for Speakers” tab. This is not an all-inclusive list, but we hope to provide some structure to what sessions we want to provide to our attendees. We’d still love to have your submission even if you are not sure if you fit into any of the themed days!

Do I need to register if I’m speaking?

We will compile the list of speakers in the final agenda and register everyone who is speaking. Someone on our team will reach out if additional contact info is needed to do so.

Who books my hotel room? (Do I need to book it myself?)

FRN covers one hotel night the night before you speak. You will need to book your own hotel room through the Pass Key link on the conference registration site. This is located on the “Hotel” page under the “Attendees” tab. This will take you to FRN’s custom booking portal for the hotel. If you wish to book additional nights, those will be charged to you directly. You can book any additional room night through the same link.

Exhibitor & Sponsor Questions

Want to sponsor an event or be an exhibitor? Here's a good place to start.

Where should I start if I’m interested in sponsoring or exhibiting?

You may register online or contact Jacy Bruck at [email protected].

What opportunities are available for sponsorship?

You may view sponsorship packages on the “Sponsorship Opportunities” page on our registration site for each conference.

What should I expect if I choose to participate as an exhibitor or sponsor?

You should expect the best opportunity to make an impact on a national level at a huge event. Our conference staff works tirelessly to ensure that our exhibitors have the chance to be successful in promoting their organization. Learn more!

As an exhibitor, do I have access to the attendee list?

Yes, but certain information is available to certain participation levels at various times. Please see our Sponsor Kit for details.

Am I able to select my own booth space?

We place booth spaces based on sponsorship level, then based on how quickly companies register and pay.

When are booth spaces assigned?

Booths are not assigned out until after all exhibit spaces are sold. This is usually one to two months prior to the conference.

How do I ship my supplies to the hotel?

All shipping information is located in your exhibitor packet that you received after you registered.

When is set up and tear down?

Set up is always the day prior to the first day of the conference. Please check the exhibitor packet for specific times and locations about set up and tear down.

What deadlines do I need to know?

We don’t have too many, but the ones we have are important. Please reference your exhibitor packet and the first page will tell you all the deadlines you need to know. Don’t be late!

What’s the next step after I become a sponsor for something? What am I responsible for?

This varies based upon your sponsorship. Our conference staff will be in touch with you about the details.

What times should I be at my booth and when are the peak hours? When is the exhibit hall open?

Peak hours are prior to the first keynote presentation (8:30 am) and during breaks (10:00 to 10:30 am and 3:00 to 3:30 pm). The exhibit hall opens at 7:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm. There is generally constant traffic in the exhibit hall.

How do I assign out my complimentary attendee passes?

You do this by logging back into your account with the confirmation number that was sent to you. You should see an “add guest” button at the top of the page.

My family member(s)/significant other is coming to the conference briefly. Does he or she have to have a badge?

Yes. Everyone needs to have a badge to enter the exhibit hall. It makes it much easier to manage if we know who is coming in and out.

I only intend to be the booth monitor and will not attend sessions. Do I need to be registered?

Yes. Every single person who attends our conference needs a badge. How will we know what to call you if we don’t see your name?!

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