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Foundations Events is constantly seeking to add value to the treatment and behavioral healthcare community, and one way we do this is through hosting engaging and entertaining conferences. We have hosted over 50 national conferences and have earned a reputation as the leader in behavioral healthcare events.

Each year we offer multiple, nationwide, conferences that focus on providing the latest information on treatment methods. Our conferences are widely known and respected in the behavioral health industry for education and networking opportunities. Experts from all over the country provide unique workshops and keynote presentations on a variety of treatment subjects. Typically, conference attendees have a chance to earn up to 21-24 hours of CE/CME credit, as well as a Professionals Certificate in Behavioral Healthcare only available through our events.


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Meet the Team

The faces behind the events

Foundations Events puts on behavioral health events with the goal of educating treatment professionals so that they can save more lives and help more people. But our events have faces and names behind them. Specifically, there’s a dynamic duo working behind the scenes to make your conference experience spectacular, and we wanted to have them tell you what Foundations Events is about in their own words.

Jenny Decker is our Senior Conference Manager, and Jordan Young is our Events Sales Manager. If you haven’t met them, you should—and you will. They are tireless, warm, persistent people who care deeply about making sure that our events serve the people who sponsor, exhibit and attend.

Jenny Decker, CMP

Senior Conference Manager

Jenny Decker is a certified meeting planner raised in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. She joined Foundations in February 2013 as the meeting planner for the conference division. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, Jenny began her career planning promotional events in radio in Nashville, Tennessee and later, Austin, Texas. When she returned to Nashville, she became a special events manager at a treasured botanical garden, planning unique events for a diverse clientele. Since joining Foundations Recovery Network, Jenny has been instrumental in the development of two new Foundations conferences. If you have questions regarding logistics or marketing for Foundations conferences, Jenny is your primary contact. Introduce yourself at the next event – she would love to meet you!

Jordan Young

Jordan Young

Event Sales Manager

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jordan moved to Nashville, Tennessee, when he was seven years old. A graduate from Belmont University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Jordan focused his studies on management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Foundations Recovery Network welcomed Jordan to the team in 2010 where he initially began working with addicted individuals and their families. Jordan helped over 5,000 individuals find appropriate treatment programs before assuming the role of conference sales coordinator. He has contributed to the success of Foundations Events by forming personal connections with speakers, sponsors and participants.

Chip Henslee

Sales Coordinator

Chip Henslee currently serves as conference sales coordinator with Foundations Events. Born in Cleveland, OH, and raised in Bristol, TN, he moved to Nashville in 2004 to pursue a degree in political economy from Belmont University. After graduation, Henslee served as district executive for the Boy Scouts of America Middle Tennessee Council before becoming a tour manager and spending a year on the road. Ultimately, he gave up the exhausting work of tour management and took a job with an events company, where he earned the responsibility of overseeing large-scale corporate and public events with attendances in the tens of thousands. A love for this line of work led him to Foundations Recovery Network in 2016, where he joined the Foundations Events team.
In his spare time, Henslee enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, cheering on the Tennessee Volunteers, studying history and learning about future technologies. He is also an incredibly fast eater and has an extensive collection of handkerchiefs.

Kim Fuller, CMP

Conference Meeting Planner

Kim joined the Foundations Events team in the fall of 2014. Though she was born in south Florida, Kim was raised in the mountains of Sewanee, Tennessee, before settling in Nashville in the late 90’s. She began her career at Vanderbilt University where she was responsible for planning and executing a wide variety of both large and small-scale events. She continued to utilize her talent for event planning at a local botanical garden and art museum before diving into corporate meeting planning. Her experience as a conference meeting planner made her an indispensable member of the Foundations Events conference team, and she is your primary contact for logistical and marking questions related to Innovations in Recovery in San Diego, California, and Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare in Nashville, Tennessee.

A.J. Moore

Conference Sales Associate

A.J. has a year under her belt as the conference sales assistant for Foundations Events. She was inspired to use her experience as a former addict to help spread a message of hope to current addicts. A.J. feels privileged to collaborate with the same centers and professionals that aided in her recovery, and she is eager to give back to those organizations by helping them achieve success. A.J. has contributed to the progress of four annual Foundations Events conferences.

Ben Hamilton

Conference Graphic Designer

Ben Hamilton joined the Foundations Events team in late 2016 as a graphic designer. He was raised in the mountains of Denver, CO before moving to Tennessee to attend Union University. While there, he worked as a marketing intern for Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in digital media, Ben moved to the Nashville area and worked for two years at an advertising agency with clients in industries including healthcare, higher education, tourism, entertainment and food service. When Ben isn’t in the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, designing typefaces and hunting for the next best coffeeshop.

Lauren Lee

Registration Coordinator

The newest addition to the Foundations Events team, Lauren Lee came on board in August 2017 as the registration coordinator. In this new role, she will be coordinating and supporting the registration process and sponsors for the national conferences. Lauren is a Nashville native who graduated from Tennessee State University in 2012 with a master’s degree in social work. She brings to the position a background in program and event management through her work with different nonprofits throughout Nashville. For the last few years, Lauren has worked planning continuing education events for lawyers across the state of Tennessee. During this time, she discovered her love for event planning and training, and she is currently pursuing a second graduate degree in training and organizational development through Middle Tennessee State University.

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Jenny and Jordan: In their Own Words

You've got questions and we have answers.

What do you like most about our events? Why are you passionate about this work?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: The reason that I’m passionate about the work we do is because addiction and mental health disorders are a diseases that humanity is not ever going to knock out. They’re here to stay. We as an industry, a culture and a society need to recognize that. And we need to do anything an everything that we can to battle them to the best of our ability. Our events bring together people who have the common goal of fighting this epidemic.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: When I’m on the conference floor and I see professionals connect with each other, and one realizes that his or her facility is a fit for that other person’s patient—and that they can get that patient into treatment TODAY—that really crystallizes for me how much we’re part of improving people’s lives. You don’t just learn at our conferences; there’s someone sick who is about to get help because of the people who attend our conferences. That’s huge to me.

What will people get to experience when they come to a conference?

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: You’re going to meet new people, get out of the office and experience education in a completely different way.


Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: You’ll get a break from reality. You’ll step into the life of luxury at the fantastic resorts where we host our events—getting the best food, the best service and hearing the best speakers. One of our exhibitors, Kat Cross from Spirit2Spirit Healing, said, “At Foundations conferences, you are truly treated like the star you never knew you were.”

What do you hope people experience when they attend our events?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: I hope they experience a breakthrough. People will attend with different objectives in mind, but I want them to experience growth. From a clinical perspective, I want them to gain knowledge and understanding and to grow in ways that will help them in their practice to provide the best treatment for addicted individuals who are still suffering. If you come for marketing or relationships, I want you to expand your network—find people who can help you become more efficient, people who provide services that you don’t. Find people who you can work with to treat more clients.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: I think everyone has a different reason for coming. Some people are there just for education or just for networking, etc.; but for whatever reason they come, I hope that they get that and more—and that they have so much fun. I hope they want to come back again and again because it was worth their time. We hope you’re coming for more than yoga, of course, but even if you’re not, we want you to enjoy every bit of the conference experience!

What’s your favorite aspect of making the conference experience come together?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: I like designing the focus of the conference on the front end. I like determining the objectives and topics and selecting the speakers. I like interacting with people to find the ways that will make the conference a success for them. It gives me an opportunity to find out more about other people’s businesses and their objectives and how we can help them achieve those.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: Really, we spend over a year planning each of these conferences. For me—and this is what I love about any event, and why I love what I do—you spend time planning all the little details, there’s chaos, everyone arrives and they’re all excited, and then you stop in the moment and realize that you’re part of creating all this. I love the coordination of chaos becoming order. I love watching it all fall into place so that everyone can have a great time.

What do you wish people knew about our educational events?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: I wish that people knew the kind of impact they can have on our events. I wish they knew how valuable their information and feedback are—and how that affects what routes we take with subjects and speakers.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: I wish they knew how much thought we put into the speaker selection—making sure it’s good, relevant, current information for them. It’s not a waste of their time. They’re not going to sit and hear something they already know.

What kind of impact do you think Foundations has on the behavioral health industry? Why should people look to us for important and current information?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: I think Foundations is a leader in this space, and I didn’t realize that in years before when I was doing outbound referrals and interventions for us. It wasn’t until I got into the conference sales position and started attending other events that I got a better idea of how people viewed us. I think that’s because of the way that we’ve grown. I started working with Foundations in 2010, and since then, we’ve more than doubled our operations. At the same time, it’s been a comparatively steady and conservative growth. We’re strategic about where we locate our centers and how we set them up. What makes us so respected are our strategic decisions and that we’re always trying to be on the cutting edge of education, events and more to improve behavioral healthcare as an industry.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: We try not to recycle any old information; it would be easy to say the same things over and over. We meet with people and try to think of new, exciting ways to make each conference a different experience. We have taken a lot of people’s advice to change the way we do things. We don’t get offended—we take things into consideration and tailor the experiences based on what we hear.

How carefully are the amenities, activities and speakers chosen for our events?

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: Very carefully! There’s a reason that we choose The Breakers and the Hotel del Coronado and five star hotels. We know that people are taking time away from their practice, and we want to create a singular experience for them. We want people to feel special. And when they make connections, they can go to dinner on Coronado Island; they can go to nice restaurants and enjoy the resort. We want to take care of professionals as attentively as they take care of their patients. Professionals spend so much time taking care of others, and we want to take care of them.

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: You know, there’s a lot of demand for opportunities to have a presence at our events. With such demand, we have the privilege of being selective about who we work with, from a speaker, sponsor and an overall event standpoint. We want to make sure the speakers and their topics are known, relevant and fit in with the conference themes. From an event standpoint, we want to make sure we make things fun. We want our conferences to be engaging to the audience and provide the best opportunities for the sponsoring companies as well.

What’s it like for you guys to work with with each other? What’s your favorite part of working with the other person?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: Jenny and I should have our own television show.


Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: (laughs) Every day is different… I never know what to expect. Is Jordan going to come in today and tell me the latest news about Tennessee Titans? Is he going to ask me if I remember a certain song from the 90s? What is he about to say to the person he’s on the phone with? Also, Jordan is really easy to pick on—he’s an easy target. But he can handle it! We have a big brother/little sister type of relationship. But he knows that little sister is the boss!

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: We’re such opposites in what we do that we balance each other out so well. The things that I feel are important, the structure of my day—it’s basically been completely adapted to fit this role. Having Jenny to clean up my messes has allowed me to do that. I like how thorough she is with details—and I like that she does things that allow me to work on the things I’m best at. She does that very well. She’s a great little sister. Plus, she gets my stupid sense of humor.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: My favorite part of working with Jordan is that, while sales and logistics are usually oppositional, somehow we use that to our advantage and can work through our inevitable differences to make our conferences better. We’re so passionate about what we each do. Jordan really is good at what he does. He’s not a traditional salesperson. He really does truly believe that what he’s offering to a customer is something that will help that person improve his or her business and relationships. It’s not a sale to him—it’s about truly making the customer successful. I love being able to work with someone like that.

What do you like most about the team that puts on these events?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: We’ve recently started bringing our marketing department to the events instead of using volunteers. Everyone is familiar with one another, with the conference, there’s very little explanation necessary. And we work with hotels that have great staff members.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: They are the BEST. Literally, I could not without them. Impossible. I never ever want to lose them! That’s how valuable our team is, and they will treat you so well when you come to our conferences.

What do you feel like is the heart behind Foundations Events?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: Honestly, I think that selflessness is the heart of it. Our events help promote the industry, and whether it’s through Heroes in Recovery, webinars, conferences, etc., we may have a presence, but it’s NOT all about Foundations. Our exhibit hall is filled with other programs. While some may look at other programs as competitors, I don’t see it that way. I think we can all work together because there are so many people out there, and this is such a big battle against addiction and mental health conditions. This is so much bigger than whether this one patient chooses Foundations or a similar facility. We can find ways to work together to further the movement of recovery, and these events really show that.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: I feel like everything we do—conferences, webinars, etc.—it’s all intentional. It’s not just something to do. We don’t do it because we feel like we should put on an event. There’s a passion and a purpose behind it for the betterment of others. We truly care about helping other people because then they can help even more people. We stick to the core of our purpose statement: lifetime relationships for long-term recovery.

What is your hope for our events in the future? What goals do you have as we continue to set up events?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: I hope that our events continue to grow in number and in size; but more than that, I hope that they continue to get better for the attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers. I hope they’re meaningful and fruitful to the behavioral health industry as a whole.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: I could see us branching out and having more conferences that are more focused on different topics. But I do go back to quality, not quantity. I think we’ll always be improving and making the events we’ve established bigger, better and more relevant. It’s not about just putting on more events but about multiplying the impact of the events we already do.

What did you used to do before you came here? What do you appreciate about your work today?

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: I’ve worked in real estate and sales. I did mortgages, real estate consulting, I also worked in B2B sales. What I like best about my job here is that I believe in what I’m doing. I like that I can go home and feel good about everything I did that day.

Jenny Decker - Foundations EventsJENNY: I started off doing media events—it was fun and flashy; I met a lot of cool people. But I enjoyed the events part of media more than just radio and television. After that I went to Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, and I was the executor of events for meeting planners. That’s where a lot of my detail-oriented nature comes in. You have to schedule out every single move that you have to make. There were huge events—five to six thousand person conferences. I was in charge of supervising operations, or just making sure everything functioned the way it was supposed to. Then I worked with Cheekwood doing wedding planning. It was great, and there were lots of parts of it that I loved—plenty of details. With that kind of job, you do planning from A to Z and execution as well.

What I love about this job compared to my previous work is that there’s not one person who comes to our conferences who has been dreaming about this day for her entire life! So the pressure is reduced, but the events are bigger. For me, putting on conferences is not just a job; it has meaning and purpose. I feel valued and that the work I do is important and appreciated. It feels good to have support for what you do.

Jordan Young - Foundations EventsJORDAN: My worst day here was probably better than most of the regular days I had at some other jobs, just because this is something I’m passionate about. The only thing I could compare it to is if the Tennesse Titans were to give me a call tomorrow and say, “Hey Jordan, come on board!” …While I would love to further the movement of Titans nation, I think furthering the movement of recovery is much more noble.

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