It’s that wonderful time of year, everyone! It’s that joyous season where you get to sit down in a room with no windows, stare at the beauty that is an Excel spreadsheet, and plan out your budgets for the coming year… oh the joy you will have! You’ve probably thought about the usual suspects: operating costs, advertising, online marketing, business development, office supplies, rent, and quite possibly the occasional “I’m working late, I’m starving, and the only thing open is taco bell” expense. But have you thought about budgeting for your staff’s education?

Investing in your employees is one of the safest ways to invest in your business, and one of the best ways to make that investment is in up-to-date education for your staff. If the people working with and for you have the best tools to take on the issues in the behavioral healthcare industry, then you most certainly will have an excellent return on investment. Here are some reasons to invest in education:

  1. IT’S REFRESHING. Attending a conference or industry event gets you and your team out of the office and into the real world. Refresh those creative juices and have fun together. A conference is a great place to get business done, but it’s also a great place to remember why you love your job in the first place! Bring people from different departments and have them all attend different sessions in their respective disciplines. Once the conference is over, set aside a day to go over notes, review new information and share fresh ideas and viewpoints. It may push your business in a new, exciting direction.

  3. IT EXPANDS YOUR TEAM’S NETWORK. It’s not a secret; conferences are one of the easiest ways to get face time in the behavioral healthcare industry. At Foundations Recovery Network, we’re big on building lifetime relationships for long-term recovery, and events like Innovations in Recovery or Moments of Change give us the opportunity to nurture those relationships. It’s not just about your sales team shaking as many hands as possible, but about your other team members learning from peers. They will have the opportunity to create support networks and may even come home with a mentor or two.

  5. IT KEEPS YOU AHEAD OF THE GAME. Why wouldn’t you want your employees to know the latest trends and techniques in your field? If you and your team know the most effective ways to treat addiction or mental health issues, you will most certainly see that reflected in the growth of your business. Staying up-to-date will give you and your staff the ability to navigate and succeed in the ever-changing landscape that is behavioral healthcare.

  7. IT GIVES YOU NEW IDEAS. We’re born curious, and that doesn’t stop as soon as you land behind a desk or put on a lab coat. Attending a behavioral health conference will show you new ways to attack problems and will keep you curious about what’s coming next. Advancements are made daily, new treatment techniques are being implemented and refined—but only by those who are curious and want to make things better. Encourage your employees’ curiosity, and the next big leap in treatment could be your own.

  9. IT FOSTERS GROWTH & HAPPINESS. Investing in your employees is more than just investing in your business. You’re investing in the well-being of your staff and helping them grow, both personally as well as professionally. Giving your employees the opportunity to grow and spread their wings will make them happier and more inclined to take on new challenges. By attending a behavioral health conference, you’re breeding a culture of positivity that promotes growth. Most importantly, it shows that you care about the future and happiness of your employees.

If you’re interested in having your team attend a behavioral healthcare conference, check out the event listing for Foundations Events. We’re offering four events for 2016, all focused on different aspects of our industry, including advancements in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, facility marketing, ethics, long-term recovery and more!

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