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A conference on innovations in integrated treatment.

On the forefront of behavioral health education, Moments of Change addresses topics not simply relating to typical substance use disorders or mental health conditions—but also to the atypical situations, specialty populations and complex cases. We want to prepare you for changing conditions in a changing world, and we also want to boost the health of your organization—your connections, your revenue and your efficiency. Moments of Change can help you understand and face issues of regulation and compliance, ethics, care planning and referrals as our industry grows and evolves. If you’re treating patients, running a practice, focusing on the best treatment modalities, or looking to improve your company’s performance, operations and outcomes, Moments of Change is exactly what you need to take your patients’ recovery and your ability to treat them to the next level.

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Everything new in behavioral healthcare.

Innovations in Recovery is about everything new in behavioral healthcare. Focusing on the latest developments and concerns that are important to you, this conference tackles some critical touchpoints: ethics, community stigmatization, long-term care planning, new and alternative approaches to treatment, co-occurring disorders and specialty populations. The way we address these issues is fundamental for patients, their families and our society as a whole. Innovations in Recovery is a collaboration of the best and brightest in behavioral healthcare, and it places you on the leading edge of life-saving and effective practices as our industry moves forward into the future.

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Driving results for professionals, patients & providers.

Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare is a new conference at the intersection of the treatment industry, the medical field and business management. With an emphasis on physical health, mental health and the health of your business, Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare provides ethics training, effective methods for treating substance abuse, best practices for treating mental health conditions, approaches for timely interventions, insights into revenue management and more. Attendees of this conference can expect to come away with a greater knowledge of how to treat addiction and mental health conditions and how to run a thriving behavioral healthcare business.

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Emerging trends for long-term sobriety.

Recovery Results will explore the correlation between longer lengths of stay and sustainable recovery, aspects of case management, getting families involved for the long-term, and the benefit of alumni programs, 12-Step groups and support structures. This conference is about meeting individuals where they are and finding ways that will help them stay substance-free and mentally healthy for a lifetime.

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Innovations in Recovery 2018

04/09/18 – 04/12/18

Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2018

07/02/18 – 07/03/18

Moments of Change 2018

10/01/18 – 10/04/18

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