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What is Moments of Change?

Learn why Moments of Change is the best conference in behavioral health education!


What is a moment of change? Many individuals in the grip of co-occurring disorders experience breakthroughs that change their lives, whether through treatment, intervention, 12-Step or other means. We want to increase the instances of these breakthroughs by combining our knowledge, efforts and innovation at the Moments of Change conference. Patients aren’t the only ones who will experience breakthroughs as a result of behavioral healthcare’s premier educational event; conference participants will have revelations about the future of the treatment industry. Attendees will experience renewed passion for the lifesaving work they do in treating patients with addiction and mental health conditions. Companies will discover how to run their businesses more efficiently, finding ways to work together with others and develop new relationships, ultimately giving patients more appropriate treatment options. In an enlightening exploration of treatment modalities and intervention, participants will learn how to work with even the most resistant patients and their families (who often need help themselves!). Our goal at this renowned conference is to make sure that real moments of change are frequent and never out of reach.

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Why attend Moments of Change

At Moments of Change we will...

  • Effectively identify the best methods for intervening on unwilling and resistant patients as well as strategies for encouraging cohesive family engagement
  • Utilize services for initiating, supporting and maintaining continued sobriety
  • Become familiar with new treatment modalities and scientific research being used to further the success of behavioral healthcare treatment/therapy
  • Determine the most effective approaches and methods of treatment when dealing with patients who have faced traumatic experiences
  • Determine the best treatment and care planning methods for dealing with complex individuals and diagnoses, such as process addictions, co-occurring disorders and mental health disorders
  • Explain how the most relevant topics are impacting behavioral healthcare, such as legislation, zoning, the expansion of the industry and the debate over abstinence-based treatment vs. medically-assisted treatment
  • Discuss emerging substances of abuse and effective methods for treating and controlling the use of these drugs

It’s a conference, but it’s also a vacation!

Tracks at Moments of Change

From Recovery to Business Operations.

Recovery support structures, such as interventions, case management, monitoring, sober escorts and mobile apps

Advances in behavioral healthcare treatment approaches, including EMDR, DBT, brain tests and other therapeutic options

Specialty populations, such as seniors, adolescents and gender-specific populations

The future of behavioral healthcare in regard to new legislation, emerging substances, industry expansion, and topics such as medically-assisted treatment vs. abstinence-based treatment

Trauma, co-occurring disorders and process addictions

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