What is Moments of Change?

Learn why Moments of Change is the best conference in behavioral health education!


On the forefront of behavioral health education, Moments of Change addresses topics not simply relating to typical substance use disorders or mental health conditions—but also to the atypical situations, specialty populations and complex cases. We want to prepare you for changing conditions in a changing world, and we also want to boost the health of your organization—your connections, your revenue and your efficiency. Moments of Change can help you understand and face issues of regulation and compliance, ethics, care planning and referrals as our industry grows and evolves. If you’re treating patients, running a practice, focusing on the best treatment modalities, or looking to improve your company’s performance, Moments of Change is exactly what you need to take your patients’ recovery and your ability to treat them to the next level.

Earn CE & Professional Certificate Credits.

Why attend Moments of Change

At Moments of Change we will...

  • Educate treatment professionals about how to diagnose typical and atypical substance use disorders, mental health conditions and process addictions
  • Explain how to provide comprehensive care planning for those types of issues, which includes intervention as well as continuous care planning (from stabilization and primary care to step-down care and discharge planning)
  • Provide insight into issues affecting behavioral healthcare as an industry, such as governing bodies, accreditation, reimbursement, compliance and potential obstacles in the future
  • Provide organizations with training on ethical compliance, resource accrual, mergers and acquisitions, leadership and marketing strategies
  • Provide treatment professionals with insight into care planning for complex populations as well as dually diagnosed individuals
  • Provide education on the most up-to-date therapeutic modalities and methods for effectively treating patients


It’s a conference, but it’s also a vacation!

Tracks at Moments of Change

From Recovery to Business Operations.

Recovery support (interventions, case management, recovery residences, recovery meetings)

Advances in behavioral health (outcomes, strategies, brain research, EMDR, DBT, etc.)

Co-occurring disorders (substance use disorders, process addictions, mental health disorders, sleep disorders) and comprehensive care planning

Specialty populations (chronic pain patients, adolescents, older adults, gender specific populations)

Business operations (ethics, mergers and acquisitions, leadership, third party reimbursement, etc.)

The future of behavioral healthcare (government strategies, the Affordable Care Act, emerging substances, genomics)

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